Monday, July 11, 2005


May 24, 1989...Texas
Lethal Injection
McCoy had such a violent physical reaction to the drugs (heaving chest, gasping, choking, etc.) that one of the witnesses (male) fainted, crashing into and knocking over another witness. The Texas Attorney General admitted the inmate "seemed to have somewhat stronger reaction", adding "The drugs might have been administered in a heavier dose or more rapidly."

July 14, 1989...Alabama
It took two jolts of electricity, nine minutes apart, to complete the execution. After the first jolt failed to kill the prisoner (who was mildly retarded), the captain of the prison guard opened the door to the witness room and stated "I believe we've got the jacks on wrong." Because the cables had been connected improperly, it was impossible to dispense sufficient current to cause death. The cables were reconnected before a second jolt was administered. Death was pronounced 19 minutes after the first electric charge. At a post-execution news conference, Alabama Prison Commissioner Morris Thigpen said, "I regret very very much what happened. [The cause] was human error."


Anonymous Troubled mother said...

I cant help but feel a small amount of pity for him as he was mentally challenged HOWEVER I feel more for the family especially the children who had to watch their mother dragged from the house at knifepoint, tied to a tree and brutally raped. Im so sorry for all involved may you all rest in peace....for more info go to

11/23/2009 10:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Considering how these affairs are rehearsed, you'd have to be pretty retarded to get the plugs in wrong, too.

1/04/2010 3:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like the scum got what he deserved. "Mildly retarded" just doesn't justify rape and murder.

6/16/2010 12:29 PM  
Anonymous Angry Mother said...

This scum bag got far less than he deserved!! He has left four children with no mother and mentally scarred the two kids that were old enough to witness their mother being stabbed 64 times while being brutally raped!! As for being retarded that is an excuse for the defence, it was only him that was sentanced to death his co-accused was never sentanced to death and was up for parole in 2006 so this guy was the monster that was took that loving, caring mothers life away that night, no one else but him! I hope he is rotting in hell, even that is to good an eternaty for this evil evil piece of dirt.
My sincere love and thoughts go out to the family. Rest in peace Lynn i know you are an angel guiding your children i hope you have found peace with your son in heaven.
Love from
Samantha Burns,Mother of four,Scotland

9/15/2011 7:32 AM  

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