Monday, July 11, 2005


March 25, 1997...Florida
Witnesses told of 6 inch flames coming from Pedro Medina's head as 2000 volts of electricty surged through his body. The electricity had to be manually stopped and Medina's chest heaved until the flames went out and he was pronounced dead. A window had to be opened by prison officials to clear the accrid smell of burning flesh. It was later found that the sponge used to conduct electrocity to the head was not properly applied.

May 8, 1997...Oklahoma
Lethal Injection
Carpenter was pronounced dead some 11 minutes after the lethal injection was administered. As the drugs took effect, Carpenter began to gasp and shake. "This was followed by a guttural sound, multiple spasms and gasping for air" until his body stopped moving, three minutes later.

June 13, 1997...South Carolina
Lethal Injection
Because Elkins's body had become swollen from liver and spleen problems, it took nearly an hour to find a suitable vein for the insertion of the catheter. Elkins tried to assist the executioners, asking "Should I lean my head down a little bit?" as they probed for a vein. After numerous failures, a usable vein was finally found in Elkins's neck.


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